Sombudha Adhikari on Financial Analytics: How It can Help Corporations Stay Afloat

Sombudha Adhikari

August 7, 2020

Data relating to one’s business is important to understand, and failing to do so can be costly. Sombudha Adhikari explains how financial analytics can help corporations do better.

Every business owner wants to have all kinds of ways to understand what is going on with their company, but the problem is, it may not be easy to fully grasp the data. Data tends to be a bit difficult to understand, and as such, you want to have someone on hand to be able to analyze the data and make it understandable to you. Sombudha Adhikari discusses the value of financial analytics, and how it can be used to help your business.

Sombudha Adhikari: What is Financial Analytics and how Can They Help?

Not only is it important to better understand the data surrounding your business, but it is also important that this understanding come as soon as possible. If you let the data go unrecognized for too long, Sombudha Adhikari notes, you may limit or eliminate the advantages to be derived from it. Being able to understand the finances of your business helps you see how your business has been doing on multiple levels, but it also gives you an idea of what you can do to improve things. You can have a better idea of what works, what doesn’t work, and how things can go from here on out, Sombudha Adhikari explains. So long as you are able to take constructive criticism and not just over-focus on the aspects of the analysis that paint you and your actions in a positive light, this should do you and your company a world of good, Sombudha Adhikari notes.

Having a better understanding of your financials does a lot of good to help you make money, too, rather than just stay sustainable. Sustainability is important, but if there is profit to be had, one cannot blame someone for wanting to acquire it, Sombudha Adhikari notes. Furthermore, as your business begins to grow, there is going to be more aspects of your compant that the data covers, and in turn, more data to parse. You will not be able to reasonably analyze all of this data on your own, even if you are able to understand what it is communicating, due to the sheer volume of the data available. Having a team to analyze this data keeps things speedy, especially if you make sure to keep their numbers increasing as the need for their services increase so that they do not get bogged down by the work. Financial analytics works on multiple different levels, Sombudha Adhikari notes; these range from shareholder value, cash flow, product profitability, client profitability, and more. Having people whose skills are able to work on data in all of these and more helps a lot, and Sombudha Adhikari strongly suggests it.